Saturday, December 21, 2013

Song of the North

So to retest my digital painting skills and try out newly downloaded brushes, I decided to paint one of my favorite "summertime" birds, the white-throated sparrow. Hearing their song takes me on a trip to the north woods, camping under the stars amidst pine and birch, and waking up with the sun to hear these birds singing endlessly, amidst the branches and just out of sight, or so it is with my blurry morning eyes. 

I used a photo taken by David Speiser for reference, as I wanted to actually use my eyes accurately for once. It's not 100% the same as the photo, though I did my best to capture the appearance and markings of the species. The photo can be found at his gallery here.

Photoshop CS3, Wacom bamboo tablet. Hopefully the new year will bring more bird art!

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