Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boar of the Woods

More pyrography/art for sale, as promised in my last post. Since I liked the initial (woodburned) stages of this so much, I scanned it separate so I could at least have a file of just the woodburned lines before going on to finish. I decided not to go the usual forest creature route (deer, owls, foxes, wolves, squirrels, etc.) and chose a wild boar. I gave him a little portable ecosystem to carry on his back.

Here is the piece with woodburned lines only. This piece (quite possibly due to the nature of the wood I was working on) was quite agreeable, and I made no glaring mistakes with the woodburning tool.

Here is the final outcome. The first layer (admittedly a bit of a mistake) was a non-waterproof sepia ink, which has a heavy red pigment to it. The darker areas were added with a more brown sepia acrylic ink, and for the highlights I used white acrylic paint.

I have one more older piece on wood to touch up, and then I'll be back to portfolio projects, etc. 

Pyrography: The Sentinel (Great Horned Owl)

So I've been striving to make the best of my final year participating as an alumni at MCAD's annual Art Sale. (16th and 17th of November this year.) I find that I have less luck with larger works during these past few years, so have decided to produce things on a smaller scale. Yet, for all their relatively small size, they still take at least 8-15 hours to produce.

I've found I still have some spare basswood left over from other endeavors, so thought it'd be as good an excuse as any to work with the woodburning tool. 

People still like owls, right? I'll be uploading the progress shots on the other woodburned/painted pieces once I finish them up, which should be soon. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Current Project: Sneak Peek

Feeling a little slow as of late, even though I've been working on a larger project for a couple of weeks straight. It started out roughly, since I was transferring the original sketch to the final format via grid, and somehow my grid was slightly off and ended up distorting the first attempt. NOT PRETTY.  Then my current attempt accidentally ended up on a less desirable bristol vellum than usual, but I made do.

Since I can't show you the full image for a while now, this little snippet will have to suffice:

I will probably find plenty of things wrong with the final for me to fix, but I've got time for that, thankfully.